Postal Address: 4145 Beltline Road 

Suite 212-192 Addison, TX 75001



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Main Office Number: 469-364-3806


4145 Beltline Rd. Suite 212-192
Addison, TX 75001

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Club Mission

Titans F.C. is dedicated to the continuing development of youth players who demonstrate the commitment, sportsmanship, talent, and desire to excel in soccer. Titans F.C. is built on the following mission:

1. To support through our coaching, administration, and player policies the idea of The Education of Life through Soccer. Teaching the importance of having a strong moral foundation and building strong young boys in a way that is conducive to player development and advancement.

2. To provide all players the opportunity to meet their fullest potential. Teaching teamwork, sportsmanship, technique, skills, athleticism, and tactics in a way that is specific to every player’s developmental needs.

3. To provide exceptional young players with the professionalism, coaching and structure to compete at local, state, national, and international levels in order to gain exposure to maximize opportunities beyond the club competition level.

Titans F.C. is committed to providing excellence in all areas of development, from Academy age young boys, through club, and eventually collegiate and professional young men. Our focused goal of creating a strong, complete soccer player, coupled with the instillation of high moral value and character is paramount to Titans realizing success for each young male athlete to excel well beyond their soccer years.


Club Guidelines


Titans F.C. exists to create a positive environment for male athletes to improve and develop as individuals through the sport of soccer with strong emphasis on character, work ethic, discipline, and attitude.

Titans F.C. is committed to providing consistent, organized, and purposeful instruction from a qualified and competent coaching staff. Coaching assignments are decided by the Director of Coaching with input from the coaching staff. The Club’s interest is the long term growth and development of each player, the building of successful teams, and the creation of a coaching environment that allows players and teams to achieve their highest potential and flourish.

Club activities and philosophies are structured in a manner that encourages a healthy, long-term involvement in soccer. Titans promotes interaction and camaraderie not only between teammates but also between teams within the club. We work to establish proper male athletic role models for younger players to emulate. We believe in instilling high moral value and building strong player and character foundations through fundamental pillars that guide our system of development: Commitment, Leadership, Preparation, Responsibility, Punctuality, and Cohesion.

Titans F.C. will seek to provide maximal player exposure for scholarship opportunities, along with state, regional, national, and international playing opportunities. Traveling to seek the highest level of competition is an exciting part of the Titans philosophy. The educational value of travel is stressed in addition to the soccer improvement born of superior competition.